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My name is Don. Lately people have been calling me Crazy Don. 


I volunteer for BTRNC and they told me how we needed money for our special needs Foster Babies. This is where the crazy part comes in. I am doing the Crocheted Boston Terrier Hat Challenge for the month of July. At work, rest, or play, I will wear this really hot hat all July. Let me tell you, if I had an ego before this, it is long gone! I have been laughed at, stared at, and have been the joke of North Carolina. But you now what, I don't care!! Why?? Because every dollar I raise goes to help medical expenses of our babies. 
Take little Bea for example. She has Cushings disease and congestive heart failure.  Sophia Nash also has congestive heart failure. Oh and don't forget poor little Boo Boo! She has a corneal dystrophy and also needs meds for her heart murmurs. So if you want to help these babies and many others who have ailments, please help us take care of them, by your generous donation. Every dollar counts! If you see me in the Triangle in July, please come and say hello, give me a hug, maybe a dollar or two? There isn't too much I wont do for these dogs. 

Change A Life Challenge


Please consider joining our challenge by committing to a $10.00 monthly donation. All funds will be used toward the vet care of our Bostons.

You may set up a recurring donation with paypal at the left of this page.


-You can also mail a check to BTRNC,

5403 Forest Oaks Dr., Greensboro NC 27406.



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