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2015 BTRNC Calendars Now On Sale!

WOW! We received a record number of entries this year! Close to 400!
A lot of our BTRNC alumni are represented as well as our FACEBOOK FANS who provide tremendous financial support to us throughout the year!
We are happy to be able to say again this year that at least ONE picture of EVERY dog (or cat) submitted made it into the calendar! 

Click here to view a slide show of all of our calendar pages!

Calendars are $25.00 INCLUDING shipping!

1. Send an email to bostonsnob@aol.com to let us know how many calendars you want.
2. MAIL YOUR check to:

Laurie Hicks/BTRNC
16110 Greybriar Forest Lane
Charlotte, NC 28278

Calendars will be mailed once in LATE November, once in MID-December and once in EARLY January.  Thanks for your support!!


It’s hard to believe these puppies are 7 weeks old already! The first few weeks were SO easy as Dory did such a great job as a Mommy and left no work for the foster mommies. But alas… the puppies are now to the point where they have lots of energy and will hop up and run over when they hear the human voices. They have started to play pretty hard with each other and even Dory has begun to play with them – often biting their heads and nudging them around. On Saturday, the puppies managed to push open their pen and were found exploring the entire house when foster mommy returned home. Clearly they are curious babies! 


Introducing Dory's Puppies!

We would like to thank LakeCross Veterinary Hospital in Huntersville, NC for taking such good care of Dory and helping her bring her beautiful babies safely into the world!

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