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Change a Life Challenge 


Please consider joining our challenge by committing to a $10.00 monthly donation. All funds will be used toward the vet care of our Bostons.

You may set up a recurring donation with paypal at the left of this page.


-You can also mail a check to BTRNC,

5403 Forest Oaks Dr., Greensboro NC 27406.

Meet Racer!

Often times are seniors are passed over for our younger dogs and this makes us so sad for them. Many of them were loved for a long time by their original families but may have been separated from them by no fault of their own, due to a death or illness.  The fact is, our senior dogs are often our most well behaved and loving dogs!  Racer is no exception!  No matter the duration of his wait, Racer will always hope to be adopted, even in his senior years.  He wants you to know that just because he's older doesn’t mean he don’t want what all dogs want – a loving and wonderful home. 

Age: 13 years old
Weight: 26 pounds
Health: Excellent for his age
Demeanor: Very quiet, sweet, affectionate, submissive, sometimes playful, social, low energy
Likes: Dogs and people, giving kisses, chewing bones, eating treats, being held, sitting in laps
Dislikes: None 
Manners: Housebroken, crate and leash trained
Fenced Yard Required: No

Tidbits from my foster mama: “Racer is a sweet old dog who is gentle and laid back. He’s such a good boy and so easy to love.”

If you are interested in giving Racer his forever home, please click this link:




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