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Change a Life Challenge 

Please consider joining our challenge by committing to a $10.00 monthly donation. All funds will be used toward the vet care of our Bostons.

You may set up a recurring donation with paypal at the left of this page.


-You can also mail a check to BTRNC,

5403 Forest Oaks Dr., Greensboro NC 27406.

Look who it is, Sampson the Handsome One.

Sampson wants his own sweetheart to love! Read his bio carefully and decide… 

Is he worth losing your heart for? We think so!

Here’s more:

Age: 3-5 years old

Weight: 30 pounds

Health: Excellent

Demeanor: Sweet, affectionate, playful, social, curious, active, at times timid, can be possessive of food and toys, sometimes stubborn

Likes: Dogs his size or smaller, people (older children okay), giving kisses and snuggling, being held and sitting in laps, going for walks and car rides, playing tug-o-war and destuffing toys, eating treats and chewing bones

Dislikes: Larger dogs, cats, quick hands (particularly if you are taking a bone from him)

Manners: Working on house training, leash trained and knows some verbal commands

Fenced Yard: Not required but walks are necessary

Tidbits (from foster mama): Handsome Sampson is a very loving and affectionate guy who adores following his people wherever they go. In fact, he’d prefer to have your undivided attention at all times. Though we say he doesn’t require a fenced yard, Sampson does have a lot of energy and tends to pace and circle rooms (although this could be due to his new situation). If long or several walks aren’t in the cards, a fenced yard might just be the ticket to expending some of his energy/anxiety. Sampson does have some guarding issues when it comes to his food or toys and will growl if they are removed (though foster is working on this). It is also the reason we suggest older children who respect dogs. As mentioned above, clear boundaries will need to be enforced for him. He’s a real doll who just needs some structure and confidence and a big, fat dose of LOVE!

Sampson is so deserving of the right home where he can share his love and be loved. To apply for him, please click here: http://btrnc.org/home/adoption_information.

Loveable Lilleth is available.

Anyone have any duct tape or a sewing kit? My heart is in need of mending. You see, I’ve been waiting and waiting for my forever home and it’s breaking my love locket that no one seems all that interested in me. It’s a conundrum I tell you. I mean even my foster mama thinks I’m one of the friendliest dogs ever! I have so many of the characteristics people want in a dog and yet… Take another look won’t you? I’d sure like to know someone will love me forever too.

Age: approx. 4 years old

Weight: 41 pounds

Gender: Female

Breed: Boston/Boxer mix

Health: Excellent

Demeanor: Laid back, sometimes shy and timid (suspect abuse in former home), sweet, affectionate, submissive, playful, social, curious, moderately active, very friendly

Likes: Dogs (her size or smaller), people, giving kisses and snuggling, being held (she doesn’t care if she’s on the larger size), playing tug-o-war, chewing bones and stuffed toys (or anything stuffed – seek and destroy!), going for walks and car rides

Dislikes: Loud voices/noises, quick or unexpected movements

Manners: Leash and crated trained, housebroken, knows some commands (but can be a tad stubborn – also known as selective hearing)

Fenced Yard: Strongly recommended

Needs: A home without dogs that are larger than she is

Tidbits: Lilleth’s foster mama says she one of the friendliest dogs she’s ever known. She seems to know that she has been saved from a certain death at the shelter. She always wants to be with her humans and doggy pals. She easy going, very loving --- the perfect companion!

Lilleth is so deserving of the right home where she can share her love and be loved. To apply for her, please click here: http://btrnc.org/home/adoption_information.

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